12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

It is not criminal to be short and petite, is it? In fact, short girls are cuter and apparently, hot guys prefer them over the lassies with endless legs! However, there are certain problems with dressing up when you are not that tall. You have to pick and choose carefully so as to not overwhelm your small frame. It does not mean that you have to stay away from the fads ruling the style runways, it only means you have to adapt them to suit your frame.

1. Tailored Fit

Accentuate your curves and silhouette with sharp fitted clothes. You can layer and wear sweats too but wear structured clothing beneath and stay defined.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

You have got to be super careful about the Lehenga you wear! Select the right lehenga for your body type!

2. Avoid Boxy clothing

This is one trend I hardly understand even for regular people. God gave you curves, don’t hide them beneath unshaped clothing, Flaunt them. Some trends are better left to the runway. Boxy, frumpy clothes give horizontal lines illusions and cut your height further.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

3. Ditch Super Skinny Jeans

Don’t wear skinnies, they will bunch at the ankles will make you look even shorter. If you want to try them skinny, try jeans that cut off at the ankle rather than gather up in that area. Bootcuts and slightly flared pants are what would flatter you best. Pair them with wedged heels and stand tall like a model.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

4. High Waist

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

High waisted jeans, trousers, skirts, and shorts actually look great on shorter girls. They elongate your legs and make the torso look short. The over all look is very balanced and lean.

5. Avoid Big Prints

Prints are totally trendy but big, bold patterns can obviously overwhelm your small frame. Go for vertical prints, stripes or V-shaped patterns. They will elongate and flatter.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

6. Wear Bright Colors

Go for bright colored clothes, as they help add height. For best results, mix and match dark and bright color clothes to your benefit.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

7. Solid monochromatic patterns

Wearing a monochromatic pattern will also help create a long visual line, thus giving the illusion of height.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

8. Tuck-In Those Tees!

A tucked in tee or shirt will definitely make you look more structured and less frumpy.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

9. The Right Hairstyle

The hairstyle can not only add to your charisma but also add the extra inches to your frame. Opt for short to medium length hairstyle, as it helps in highlighting the neck, thus making it look longer.

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

10. Maxi Dresses/Skirts

You don’t have to shy from them. Long dresses actually take the emphasis away from your length and focus on the overall shape. Just opt for the right length, the ones that end at the ankle or graze the floor are not right for you. Pick the ones that touch your toes. Wear a slim belt to accentuate your frame and you are ready to stand tall!

12 Way For Short Girl To Look Taller

11. Hot pants and short skirts

Oh yes, they look hot on long legs but by giving away more skin, they also look superb on short girls. More skin means longer looking legs and hence a taller looking you!

12. Heels

Of course, adding a few extra inches has never hurt right? Go for the ones with pointed toes as they only add to your elongated silhouette. Stand tall on those high heels.

So all you cute little hotties out there, don’t fret if you don’t have those inches! You can still make everyone drool with these hacks that will give those tall glasses a run for their money!

Here are 12 Way For Short Girl To Look and smarter than your frame

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