Besides Just Writing, Pen Can Be Used For Much Better Things

You could use a pen to clean your ear wax when you’re out of cotton buds. Obviously, if and only if you’re willing to risk your ears in the process!!

1. Tap-tap-tap a conference room table during a meeting, driving everyone else crazy

2. Scratch an itch that just won’t quit and is hard to reach

3. Press the reset button on your modem or other device

4. Poke your siblings/cousin/boyfriend in the ribs when they says something they shouldn’t

5. For self defence (you could totally gouge out someone’s eyes by using a pen)

6. Play pen-fight when you’re bored…

7. If you’re a girl, you could create an “up do” or bun using the pen to keep your hair in place

8. Give yourself a tattoo – something tasteful, of course!

9. Doodle during a long telephone call

10. Poke holes in things when you’re feeling bored/frustrated/annoyed

11. For Business expansion by giving away Promotional pens

12. Point to a word you want to emphasize in your PowerPoint presentation

13. Chew pens when you feel nervous or need to think carefully about something

14. Undo screws when you can’t find a screwdriver

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