BJP To Use Sunny Deol As A Star Campaigner: राजनीति मैं आए सन्नी पाजी

Two days after meeting BJP president Amit Shah, Bollywood actor Sunny Deol joined the party here on Tuesday in the presence of Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Sunny Deol understands the pulse of people, in the current election, and was inspired by the work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is serving the cause of the people and keeping India’s glory high. He is getting BJP ticket from Gurdaspur and winning the election from there.

Welcoming him, Nirmala Sitharaman called “the actor a firebrand, who was committed to his art form. Sunny Deol has been an artist of such eminence who makes films beyond commercial considerations on the themes that are important for the country.”

Further, it is also understood that Sunny Deol’s joining BJP will be mutually beneficial for both Sunny Deol as well as BJP. Even though his prime days in Bollywood are almost over, he is still having a strong fan following due to his old films, like Border, Ghayal, Ghatak, Jaal-The Trap, Gadar, etc. So, a new opportunity in politics should be a good opportunity for him. He, perhaps, want to explore this particular career in his life. Further, as far as BJP is concerned, BJP is expanding its base and very eager to have more and more like-minded people from different walks of life: like Sunny Deol and Gautam Gambhir.

Moreover, he has joined BJP, and not any other party, because his family members are already in BJP. Further, people of India have made a particular Nationalist image of Sunny Deol in their minds due to his various films on such topics. So, it’s obvious that his image matches with the ideology of BJP that is Nationalism which is the talk of the hour in the ongoing election.

Sunny Deol is now the third member from Deol’s family to join BJP, after father Dharmendra and stepmother Hema Malini.

Speaking on his political debut, Sunny Deol said that he was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and took the political plunge as he wanted to make a difference in public life, and would rather have his work speak for himself.

BJP will definitely get a boost in Punjab with Sunny Deol contesting election from Gurudaspur or Chandigarh as he still has a large fan following in India. BJP may also use him in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of North India for the election campaign for its benefits.

Sunny Deol is very soft and shy in nature. He talks less and works more. Most probably, he will be successful in politics. And further, at least he will not end up like Shatrughan Sinha.

In the meeting joining BJP, Sunny Deol has praised Narendra Modi a lot and he has wished that Narendra Modi will win and become PM one more time. He has also expressed his wish to work with Narendra Modi in the next government for the welfare of the country. So, he is very positive to work in BJP.

BJP may also use Sunny Deol in Mumbai for election Campaign.

So, all in all, it will be beneficial for both BJP and Sunny Deol as BJP has got a star campaigner and Sunny Deol has got a chance to rebuild his career in a new field.

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