How Different Is India Today Than It Was 5 Years Back

1. Sardar Patel has got a statue of his own

2. Roads are much better

3. PM is no puppet

4. Transgenders are contesting elections

5. 10 Rs for a platform ticket

6. Shahrukh Khan is losing his stardom

7. Anti-nationalists are contesting elections

8. 100’s of Nirbhaya still get harassed and raped every day

9. Godmen are behind prison

10. A woman is our Defence Minister now

11. Free Wi-Fi at more than 400 railway stations

12. Sikkim gets its first airport

13. River Ganga is much cleaner now

14. 21st June is now celebrated as International Yoga Day

15. Kishangarh(Ajmer) and Kota Airport has become operational

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