How To Date Introvert People | Shyness People

There is a misconception that introversion is synonymous to shyness. Some of the most exuberant people I (and you) know are introverts. They just get to know the surroundings better before being their regular selves.

Some perks of dating introverts are:

  1. They listen: They don’t just hear, they listen. You can talk about anything on your mind and they will pay attention. It’s not often that you get this opportunity in today’s world.
  2. They give you space: Something which women demand all the time. They won’t argue when you say you want to be alone one day or want to enjoy a girls’ night out (unless you bail minutes before a date with them). This also gives them the opportunity to spend some time with themselves, something which an introvert needs most.
  3. They are intelligent: Introverts love reading and listening. So I might go out on a limb to say that they have open minds, which makes them intelligent. And intelligence is a turn on for many women…
  4. They are sensitive: Feelings matter more to introverts than extroverts. They are more likely to be pillars of support when you are feeling low rather than saying “Forget it. Shit happens.” Conversely, they also will take part in your happiness without trying to dilute it by bragging about how amazing they think they are.
  5. Your friends will love them: If you decide to take it to the next level and introduce your date to your friends, you can be assured that things will go smoothly. Introverts won’t try to steal your spotlight, they will behave in well mannered ways with your friends and leave quite an impression.

Now go ahead, date an introvert and have fun. Do remember to tell me whether these perks pointed out were true or way off the mark

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