Never Buy These Things In Life Even At GunPoint

Latest iPhones every year

Amazon prime subscription if you want movies and shows: Completely useless, has got nothing

Vixen, Brazzer, Tushy or blacked subscription: Everything latest is available on pirate bay

Regular shampoos that are available in supermarkets: Go for Sulphate and paraben free ones, like skin elements or mama earth

Head n shoulders to get rid of dandruff: Use Neutrogena T Gel, expensive but 100% effective

Stop buying anything blindly that your favorite YouTubers suggest. Those guys are fucking paid: Like nowadays WOW company has been doing

Never buy something (clothes or accessories) just because it’s currently the latest fashion trend. They are usually costly and would become completely obsolete after a few years eg. Tiger printed at the back of a leather jacket or Knee ripped jeans or some cool ass funky sunglasses. Always remember.. stick to basics. Wayfarers and Aviators always look good and will always remain in the scene even after 50 years.

Don’t buy a Siberian Husky if you live in a place where tropical climate prevails. These breeds cannot endure the Indian climate. They have a thick coat of fur that withstands cold up to -40 degree Celsius, imagine their condition if they have to survive at 35–40 degree Celsius.

Fairness creams. Come on man if you could become fair by just applying a cream then there would have not been any brown or black skin people.

And the biggest thing is please don’t buy Bollywood’s attempt to clean up Sanjay Dutt’s image through the film Sanju. Ak56 is a weapon that can’t be obtained easily. This is a highly sophisticated weapon which can never get into a normal citizen’s hands. He is a criminal and would always remain a criminal.

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