Online Dating Tips For Women

Online dating used to be something you whispered self-consciously to your closest friends as if it meant you had “failed” at meeting someone the traditional way. Nowadays, more and more couples are meeting each other online and the rules are being rewritten. Here are some of my top tips, from one honest classy career girl to another!

Essential Online Dating Tips For Women

Here are the top 5 Online Dating Tips For Women that will make your dating life colorful. All you have to is follow the tips carefully and make out the most of out of it.

Check out your competition and try to stand out. 

Too many people use the same buzzwords (“I am active,” “I like wearing jeans and a t-shirt as much as a gown and heels,” etc.) that show no personality. In that case, you’re just a face in the crowd.

Be honest in your profile and use flattering, but accurate photos. 

Don’t say you are something you are not or try to pass old photos as current. The photos are doubly important for women. Most men don’t get further than photos, sadly, so use those that are well-lit and show your best side. Don’t use photos from 30 lbs. ago or five years ago; if you’re planning to meet someone, they’ll felt as though you lied to them. People aren’t stupid.

Ask questions during messaging. 

Now that someone has sent you a message, ask a question — preferably about something in their profile, but “where are you from/what do you do/how long have you lived in this city/etc. all work” — so you’re not throwing up a stop sign in the conversation.

Google the person if you can.

If they give you a phone number, Google it. If they say they work at a place, try to Google their first name and company. Do some research to make sure you are not corresponding with Jack the Ripper. Safety first.

If you decide you want to go on a date, do not take too long to meet up.

This is not a thought experiment. These sites exist to nudge people to meet in real life. Too many messages back-and-forth suggests a timidity that interests no one.

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