Smoking Seduction Takes To A Far Far Away Paradise


There is a thing about smoking, you have to learn how to do it. It’s not like taking a lot of drugs, where the very first time you feel incredible.

Human lungs were not designed to want to voluntarily inhale smoke and tar. It just makes your nervous system feel good and shuts your brain mercilessly, ignoring all warnings about cancer.

Cigarettes are a complement to almost everything we do in the world.

a) Waking up…feeling fresh…let’s have a cigarette.

b) Passing the dump—-let’s have a cigarette

c) Post breakfast—-let’s have a cigarette

d) Post lunch—-let’s have a cigarette

e) Post evening tea—-let’s have a cigarette

f) Post dinner—-let’s have a cigarette

g) Good news—-let’s have a cigarette

h) Sad news—-let’s have a cigarette

i) She said yes—-let’s have a cigarette

j) She said no—-let’s have a cigarette

k) Anything else—-let’s have a cigarette

Smoking is stupid which gives you nothing

Smoking may be terrible for your physical health but it has recognized benefits for your mental health.

Depressives are 3 times more likely to smoke than non-depressives. Smoking has long been used as a cure for anxiety, plain boredom and so on. Nicotine has been shown to address early-stage Alzheimer’s, and smokers tend to be attracted to other smokers, especially those that share their brands. So smoking turns out to be very social.

The fact is, you smoke for a reason – or a bunch of reasons and you need to deal with them. You don’t have to resolve them, most run really deep but, at the very least, you need to find a strategy to deal with theses issues which may include transferring them to some other activity, preferably sports, yoga or some other physically fulfilling pursuit. Even a little overeatin’ is better than smokin’….. easier to lose weight than fix a diseased lung, as they say!

Sadly, however, most people transfer to the prescription drug. According to the Centers for Disease Control, prescription drug rates have increased as a mirror image to the decline in smoking.

Big Pharma took over from Big Tobacco. In fact, if you would be amazed to see the number of cigarettes adds today in comparison to prescription drug ads.

Heroin, in fact, is far much more dangerous than nicotine which nobody notices. Their stories are like they went to paradise, met God, had lunch with God and attracted all the virgins in heaven. There is no cigarette brand that has this power yet everyone somehow has problem with it.

Still You Can Quit It

The smoking effect can be cut out from the body as it just needs about 3 days for it to leave your body. Besides this is enough so your nicotine receptors can stop going crazy. If, however, you are foolish enough try to resolve the mental, self-medicating side at the same time as the physical cessation, it may certainly feel as bad as heroin.

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