Things That Are Banned In India But Still Being Practiced

Officially and legally some things have been banned in India. Though being banned these things are still being practiced or used by general public.


Beef is one of the oldest and most controversial additions to India’s list of ban. In 2015 the govt of Maharastra imposed a ban on selling and possession of beef.

2. Mannequins Displaying Lingerie

It was recently voted to ban the display of models wearing bikinis from store window in a move that they believe, would reduce the number of rapes and other cases of sexual assults.

3.Kissing In Public

According to section 294 of Indian penal code kissing in pulic is a crime and it was prohibited and lays down punishment for bscenity in public places .

4.Advertising Alocohol.

This is probably one of the oldest ban in this list. In late 1990’s advertising the alcoholic beverages has been considered as illegal act.

Some states like Gujrat, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur have taken a step ahead and strictly prohibited it’s consumption too.

5.Dancing In Bars

Apparently this bag has to do with women dancing in bars. Dance bars in India refer to places of adult entertainment.

6.Parties with Foreign National as Invitees

The increasing number of crimes against foreign nationals in India has become a matter of Serious concern and thus the Karnataka govt has recently banned this.

7.Foie Gras

India is the first country to ban the import is Foie Gras after an animal activist group from London protested that the method used for producing the duck liver delicacy was cruel.

8.Fifty Shades of Grey

The movie was banned by the censor board in. India from screening across the theatres in the country on accounts of its nudity.

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