Things You Should Learn In Life To Make It A Happening One

Money does buy happiness

Luck matters

Education has nothing to do with sanity

Your boss is not a bad person

Working out gives more satisfaction than partying late

Breakups do hurt, but you eventually move on

Getting dumped in a relationship is a lesson, not a failure

Dumping your partner in a relationship is an act of selfishness, not an achievement

Sometimes there is no explanation. Choose to be silent

You can’t please everyone. Never try to. Other people cannot give you the validation you seek

Being alone is addictive

Travelling doesn’t cure all of your problems

The best way to improve as a human being is ‘reading’

Learning about finance and money management is important

Never try to impress others by buying expensive things

Always be choosy while searching for a movie. 2–3 hours of your life are valuable. Same goes for Tv shows

Sex does help in reducing stress

Try to make some time every day for your hobbies. At least an hour, if possible

Spend a small percentage of your income every month on your body care. Your body is the most valuable asset you can ever own

Keep your house or office desk clean. Cleanliness is one of the best tools to make you feel positive

Never be overconfident about anything. No matter what, a few years later you will think of your current version as a dumb person

Never negotiate with less blessed people like rikshawala, autowala, coolie, balloon seller, vegetable vendors on street

Pay a visit to an orphanage at least once in a month with things like chocolates, biscuits or whatever you are comfortable with

Never try to set a relationship between two of your common friends. A relationship built on third person’s effort doesn’t last long

Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook or Instagram

Never indulge in political arguments with someone who is a blind supporter of any party

Whenever you see peons or sweepers in your office, give them a smile or ask them, ‘how are they’. It means a lot to them

Make time to create memories. You are getting old faster than you imagine

Think before falling asleep every night whether you would live the day in the same manner if you are given a chance to do it again

You are here after beating the probability of 1 in 400 millions. It is no less than a miracle. You are nothing but a miracle. Make every moment count

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