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The animation industry in India is growing, and demand will continue to grow. In this area, where animation is a part of education, medical sciences, multimedia, Internet, simulation and film making, there may be a lot of scope for students who aspire to aim at this field. Major animation houses like Walt Disney Studios and Turner Entertainment which make animated films, ads and games are turning to India. Advertising is not only restricted to television but also reaches the masses worldwide through the Internet. If you are creative or want to get into a career in TV, film, gaming, and simulations, a course in animation and film making could be the first step. The minimum qualification for these courses is twelfth-grade graduation.

An animation and film making course delves into an intense study of 2-D and 3-D animation, sound editing, pre -production and post production processes, visual effects and film making. Course duration can vary from six months to about three years. After the completion of a certification degree, diploma or degree course, students can find work as animators, digital designers, effects (VFX) artists, lighting artists and rigging artists. Students can find opportunities to work in animation film production studios, for television channels, in television production houses, in advertising agencies and gaming companies. Students might also find work in print media, communication, comic art, 3-D motion painting, multimedia companies, Web design companies or the automobile industry.

As per my knowledge some of the best Animation Colleges in India, Listed Below.

Maya Institute Of Advanced Cintic (MAAC)

IIFA Multimedia

IIFA Lancaster Degree College

Zee Institute of Creative Art

National Institute of Film & Fine Arts

Picasso Animation College

Whistling Woods International Institute

Toonz Academy


Animation has emerged to become a very popular career choice among Indian students. Previously, this field was pretty much unknown to the masses. But in the last few years, this field has gained much attention and has since developed rapidly. Success of animation films and cartoons has greatly contributed to the growth of this field in India.

Some of the job profile as follows.

  • Director
  • Production Designer
  • Script writer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Layout Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Animator
  • Modeler
  • Compositor
  • Editor

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